An Introduction

Welcome to the website of Alan Miles who is an up and coming British author.

His books take on two distinctive styles; the modern gripping psychological thriller couplet of Janet and John that take the reader from the superficial and amusing everyday lives of a suburban married couple into a darker trough of life littered with secrets and despair and the Jim Diamond collection, a series of novels about an innocuous but oddly streetwise guy who falls into the role of sleuth by accident and solves crimes by a mixture of luck, guile and wit and who is skillfully aided and abetted by his young, intelligent and beautiful girlfriend, Vivienne Bellamy.

Janet and John, two books published under one cover, was described when it was first published as one of the most innovative and compelling books of 2005.

Read about recent developments of the publishing of this exciting new concept on the news page or find out about all the books written by Alan Miles in the individual book pages on this site.

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