You're Only 39 Once

Jim Diamond, rugged, plain and uncharismatic, is on his way to attend his own surprise 39th birthday party when his car breaks down in the pouring rain. While waiting for help he makes an interesting find in the undergrowth close by.

Jim didn't know then that two hours later he was about to meet and fall in love with a stunning, sexy, independent young woman called Vivienne Bellamy, possessing a wicked sense of humour and matching his quips word for word. There was just one small problem. She was only 19.

Later that night a guest is found stabbed to death at the party. Why? And why is someone interested in his discovery earlier in the evening? Jim, annoyed at becoming the centre of someone's brutal attention and unaccustomed to procedure, starts to make his own inquiries, slowly trying to piece together a puzzle that misses one part. Why celebrate 39?

Jim's mission to uncover the truth leads him through humorous and dangerous situations to reveal a dark aspect of local, rural life before he finds himself transported to the heart of a bigger, sinister, more far-reaching enterprise and realising that he has now become the prey himself.

ISBN 1-84470-023-2 £7.99

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