The Art Of Remonstration

After attending a dinner party at Charewall Park, Jim Diamond and his girlfriend Vivienne wake up to find their car damaged and daubed with graffiti. Jim seeks out the source of the graffiti; a bunch of protesters demonstrating against proposed land purchases.

The hostess of the dinner party, Jennabel Seward, later confesses to Jim that she has received photographs of her husband Patrick having sex with a young woman. She asks Jim for help as a chance encounter with a stunning, sexy, French woman, Christiana Descoteaux, first develops and then grows.

A dead protester owning a mysterious photograph and a hidden refuge containing frightening secrets add to the puzzle. Jim is then accused of murder, his fingerprints found all over the murder weapon. Only there is a problem; his alibi has disappeared.

Jim’s quest to discover the truth leads our intrepid pair to make one final decision; that the only way to absolve Jim and finally solve these mysteries is to follow the trail abroad.

ISBN 1-90498-575-0 £7.99

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