Janet Ashton has been married to John Ashton for a considerable while. They have two young children and Janet has a part-time job, an ailing mother and a liking for lunching, yoga classes and the gym. In between, she looks after the house, cooks the meals and raises the children while her husband works all hours in the City. When he arrives home he has little time to spend with the children and derides and makes fun of his poor wife, resulting in her losing any incentive to continue carnal relations.

Janet works in a call centre part time and on Wednesday evenings she and her female colleagues (referred to affectionately as the ‘the girls’ - although some have been around the block so many times they thought it was a marathon), spend the night at the local wine bar where they dissect each other’s lives, chat up the waiters, talk about sex, chat about men (unfavourably of course except for one small asset), talk about more sex and generally have fun.

But Janet has a secret; a deep one that only she knows about. And, as events unfold, she is forced to tell the girls about this secret that will come to have such a dramatic effect on the rest of her life.

This book will take you through a full range of emotions. It will have you laughing, and weeping, crying and scared. You will experience the secret that will come to haunt Janet and be taken through her thoughts, the attitude of her husband, the girl’s banter, their escapades and dares and how Janet manages to deal with all that life throws at her.
But there is a twist; a final one, even after you have read the very last page. A twist that will only become apparent as you digest John’s story…

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