John Ashton has been married to Janet Ashton for a considerable time, a relationship that has produced two darling, young children. He is a successful businessman in a top insurance company in the City with a taste for fine wine, expensive clothes (anything in fact with a designer label hanging from it) and has a penchant for football and serious, hard work. His wife has seen better days, has let herself go after having the children and now spends her time and his money on an expensive lifestyle, while he has to put in the hours to pay for the mortgage.

Parts of John’s responsibilities require him to visit offices abroad and it is while on one such trip that he accidentally reads a file on a local computer, a file that indicates that all is not as well with the company as it should be. Dramatic changes are about to take place; changes that will affect not only his career, but his whole existence. But what should John do? He makes a decision; a decision that he will regret, the outcome of which he dare not reveal to his wife. And one that will eventually have a profound, spectacular effect upon the rest of his life.

This book will take you through John’s discovery, his dilemma and his resolutions. You will become embroiled in his decisions, his experiences, his mistakes; and the consequences of them all upon his career and life. It will have you shocked and surprised as events fall out and John manages to deal with every eventuality, and the subsequent result that it has upon the relationship with his wife and family.

But there is a twist; a final one, even after you have read the very last page. A twist that will only become apparent as you digest Janet’s story…

ISBN 1-904985 33-5 £9.99

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