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Alan Miles has been writing stories for pleasure and the amusement of others since he was eleven. At the age of fifteen, the impending Third World War generated by an ongoing political row between Iceland and the Netherlands was a piece considered unsuitable as an English examination topic by teachers and the substantial project and adventures were confined to the bin.

Two years later, Alan attended a script-writing course and continued his education studying for an O.N.C. This period saw him write comedy stories about the lecturers that had the students in stitches. Later, in both work and social environments, further short stories about colleagues were written anonymously and pinned to notice boards with similar results.

Alan, then studying for his ACCA, began to make a career as an accountant. In the mid-eighties, while traveling around the world on business, he decided to occupy any spare time by writing a serious short story that gradually grew and, after three years, eventually became a draft novel. It was then put on a shelf to gather dust.

During this time his international career as an accountant had drifted a little off-beam, encountering situations as being held up at gun point, traveling on aircraft with livestock in the aisles, having his passport confiscated because his face resembled “the devil”, holding meetings under the din of tank-fire during a civil war, being chased from an airport by the army and traveling clutching grenades and guns for security.

Back home, Alan took up jogging, running various half marathons, and succeeding in completing the London Marathon in 1993 before a back injury resulted in his retirement from the sport. Looking to fill further spare time, Alan studied for an M.B.A. (specialising in innovative and creative management), graduating in April 2001. Alan gained record marks for a unique set of papers combining course theory with an interesting 'whodunit' serial.

More spare time resulted in Alan returning to writing and the strong characters of his first novel were revisited to create a sequel in 2001. That November, after heading an internal project team for a year, Alan left his company and moved into a consulting arena allowing him more available time, which he utilised by updating his first novel and writing a third in the series.

Alan published a new ambitious project, Janet and John, in 2005 writing two psychological thrillers where the plots and dialogues dovetail and intertwine through separate stories told from different points of view. With three Jim Diamond novels already under his belt, the lastest novel, A Convocation of Eagles was completed in 2008 to complete a quartet of Diamond books.

Alan is a member of the Professional Manager’s Institute and works in a financial capacity for blue-chip companies. He is married to a teacher, Carol, who, in her own time, has completed a BSc in psychology to add to her BEd and they have two sons.

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