A Convocation of Eagles

Following previous successful cases, Jim decides to become a full-time private eye and has opened his own business. Soon disillusioned by tedious domestic jobs however, Jim’s world soon changes when beautiful Hannah Fleming strolls into his office and begs him to find her missing sister Yvonne.

Jim soon locates the young woman and is looking forward to both his easily-earned remuneration and proving his girlfriend, Vivienne, fundamentally wrong. But as Yvonne gets to the climax of her intriguing story, she is shot dead. Lying in Jim’s arms, she utters her final dying words ‘find the eagle as it flies on its way’.

With the police donating all of their time to a major crime, Jim vows to avenge her death personally, and proceeds to follow up every reference to eagles that he can determine, leading him on a meandering journey via harbours, race courses and an encounter with a nymphomaniac wife. But the twists and turns pursuing these and other avenues seemingly come to nothing. Or do they.

With the eagle still unfound, Jim begins to question his own ability and saneness – even suspecting that he is followed everywhere – as he and Vivienne embark on one final excursion where an horrific discovery sees him embroiled not only in his darkest case yet, but one with far-reaching consequences.

ISBN 1-90498-577-7 £7.99

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