Janet and John

…are the intertwining stories of a prospering husband and his pretty wife, as seen from either side of the partnership. The story exposes the differing interpretations that they place on the events in their lives, and the complications caused by their strong individual sexualities. Their lives diverge, only to come together in a torrid climax as their separate actions lead to inevitable ghastly consequences.

Janet and John are married. They are happy and successful people and dearly love their two children. They lead their daily lives mostly independently, relaxing in their large house with a large mortgage. Janet’s release from the house and her domestic chores is a part-time job where she works for a local company amongst other women enjoying the banter and humour that the environment and job bring. John has a successful and demanding career in the city; he takes his work and life very seriously, but doesn’t get to see as much of his family as he wishes, and he does have that mortgage to pay for.

From the return of a family holiday each book tells a story; one from Janet’s point of view, the other from John’s. The dialogue is identical although the inference and understanding is far from it. A pair of psychological, intertwining thrillers; we see how Janet and John’s individual lives each develop into roller-coaster rides, ranging between genial humour to dark fear and trepidation; each blissfully unaware of their partner’s plight while they try to sort their own life and find solutions to their own problems, each reaching a stunning climax.

Only there are twists. You think you found them out? ...But have you read both books?

This innovative idea sees two sides of a relationship with each book telling from one partner’s perspective and both Janet and John desperate to shield secrets from each other. Each book may have unforeseeable endings, but only by reading both books can the final, complete picture be uncovered.

ISBN 978-1-904985-72-3 £9.99

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