The Jim Diamond Collection

Click the book for a full reviewYou're Only 39 Once

Jim Diamond, rugged, plain and uncharismatic, is on his way to attend his own surprise 39th birthday party when his car breaks down in the pouring rain. While waiting for help...

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Click the book for a full reviewThe Art of Remonstration

After attending a dinner party at Charewall Park, Jim Diamond and his girlfriend Vivienne wake up to find their car damaged and daubed with graffiti. Jim seeks out the source...

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Click the book for a full reviewNo Time For A Final Song

Jim is approached by theatrical agent Eddie Bovington to help locate one of his clientsan old cabaret star called Diana Brown, an offer hich Jim steadfastly refuses...

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Click the book for a full reviewA Convocation of Eagles

Jim decides to become a full-time private eye and has opened his own business. Disillusioned by tedious domestic jobs however, Jim’s world soon changes when....

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