Latest News: Janet & John Republished

Click the book for a full reviewThe couplet of novels, Janet and John, published as one book is available to purchase from the Amazon or Tesco websites or can be ordered from good book shops.

This innovative idea sees two sides of a relationship with each book telling from one partner’s perspective and both Janet and John desperate to shield secrets from each other. The dialogue between the couple is the same in each book, although the inference and understanding is far from identical.

Each book may have unforeseeable endings, but only by reading both books can the final, complete picture be uncovered.

This is a stunning, spectacular and not least impressive offering from a fine up-and-coming British author.


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The Jim Diamond Collection

Click the book for a full reviewThe fourth book in the Jim Diamond series, A Convocation of Eagles, is now available to buy. It follows the three prevoius books, You're Only 39 Once, The Art of Remonstration and No Time for a Final Song.

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