No Time For A Final Song

In the strongest Diamond novel yet, Jim is approached by theatrical agent Eddie Bovington to help locate one of his clients, an old cabaret star called Diana Brown, an offer which Jim steadfastly refuses. Shortly after, while out Christmas shopping Jim reads about the drowning of Diana. He calls Eddie and apologises and learns one thing that strikes him as odd: Diana was regarded as an excellent swimmer.

Jim attends the funeral where he meets a fan of the singer, Vera Waters, who explains more of Brown’s elusive history; that she used to be in one of the most successful female vocal groups of all time, the Singing Starlights. A visit to the calm lake where Diana drowned concerns Jim even more. He meets with Eddie and, within minutes of his departure, Eddie is discovered dead.

A suspect vehicle accident thwarts Diamond even more and warns Jim that he may be getting into something a little more serious than an just an innocent drowning escapade. Jim decides that the only way forward is to track down the other ex-members of the group. Only there is one problem: they don’t seem to be around any more.

ISBN 1-90498-576-9 £7.99

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